Week 16, Project 52 | Temple Tx Family Photographer

Welcome back to a brand new week! We have had some crazy storms this past week, but I was lucky enough to catch my very first double rainbow! I have seen photos of them, but I have never seen one in person and this one was right outside my house! A rainbow means so many different things to people but overall, it’s a sign of hope. That’s always a reason to smile!

Later in the week, I received my new background paper and I bribed my little one to help me test it and I think my candy bribe worked because the photos were adorable! I may have to get some of them printed out. 🙂

Take a look!
Temple Tx Family PhotographerTemple Tx Family PhotographerTemple Tx Family PhotographerTemple Tx Family PhotographerTemple Tx Family Photographer

Thanks for following along with me for week 16 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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