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Good morning everyone! I am a little slow this week writing up my posts. But thankfully most of everyone else in our blog circle is still sleeping, so I can play catch up because I get caught! 😉 In the last week, I have decided to hire someone to help me finish my house because I know how to work a camera but I am no good at interior design. We are on the downhill of this deployment now and I’m really wanting to have this house together before my husband comes home! So make sure to follow me because you all are going to see some awesome pieces showing up in my house and on my blog! If you are local, you are not going to want to miss this, because my designer….well she’s awesome! But enough of that because I don’t want to spoil the surprise! This week, I was still working with my 35mm. I feel like this is going to stay on my camera when I’m in the house…..which is all the time! We had a very cloudy day last weekend, which made for some great moody photos. Since my kids rarely cooperate, I attempted to use the dogs for models.

Let me tell you about my dogs…I have a Tibetan Mastiff and a Chow. The mastiff is “my” dog….and the chow…my husband’s. I’ve always heard that dogs tend to take after their owner’s personality…and after having these two for many years, I believe it 100%! Although I have a better perception of my dog’s personality than my husband does. 😉 We got our chow chow first and from the very beginning, I called him an old man dog. He doesn’t play. Not even as a puppy. He’s always had this chill attitude…unless a stranger comes to the house, then he’s just a big baby and hides under the bed. My mastiff….complete opposite. This dog never stops! She’s a big pain in the butt most of the time, but she’ll have your back in a heartbeat! She is usually the more cooperative one when it comes to photos as well. So as you scroll down and see the photos…you’ll see just how each dog reacted to me trying to take their photo. I want to say, I  snapped this first one in two tries…….our chow….I just gave up. When I had finally given up….a couple of the girls decided they would let me take a photo….but as usual, it had to be on their terms. So on that note, enjoy these photos of my goofy family this week.

Temple Texas Austin Texas family photographer project 52Temple Texas Austin Texas family photographer project 52Temple Texas Austin Texas family photographer project 52

Thanks for checking out week 8 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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