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Dear moms, stop taking photos of your kids.

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, right? I’m a photographer. Why would I tell you to stop taking photos of your kids? Well hear me out!

As moms, we strive to perfect everything, especially when it comes to our children. We want the best for them. We also want the perfect memories of everything that we do for them. How do we get those memories? With photos! But here’s the problem…while we are trying to get those perfect photos, we are stressing ourselves out in the process. We are stressing our kids out too!

I can’t tell you how many times I see a toddler, preschool kid, ornery elementary kid, or just a pain in the butt teen not cooperating for that perfect photo mom is trying to get. I’m guilty of this as well! In fact, just recently I tried to get a group shot of my four kiddos and it ended in ultimate failure. It was so bad that I lost my temper and gave up after 10 minutes of trying. I wanted my kids (ages 3-12) to stand perfectly together and be those photographer kids that everyone thinks I have. But after a glass (or 2) of wine, I realized I needed to stop taking photos of my kids, and start capturing the moments between them. Would I love to have that photo where everyone is smiling and everyone is perfect? Of course! I’m sure I’ll get one of those soon with some heavy bribing of candy. But my attitude was wrong that night. Had I calmed down and let them run around, I guarantee I could have ended the night with many precious moments to plaster all over Facebook.

A couple years ago, I committed to doing Project 365 and I actually finished it. It was a huge success for me.  You can check it out on my blog at . It. Was. Hard. There were days where I had no inspiration or motivation, but I made myself do it. Doing Project 365 forced me to find the moments in the day without posing my kid(s). It forced me to find the fun/beauty/crazy/boring….in everyday life. This is something I forgot recently when trying to photograph my kids again. Are they all “professional” looking photos? Not even close. But here are some things to remember:

  1. Kids don’t care about photos. They just want to be with you and they just want to play.
  2. The happier your child is, the better the photos will be. Don’t force them to pose.
  3. Capture your everyday life. Your kiddo is going to love looking through photos of you guys making cupcakes more than they are going to enjoy looking at an awkward posed photo.
  4. The younger they are, the more creative you must get.

So, here’s the deal. I won’t start you guys off with Project 365 right away. I’ll be honest, if you haven’t done this…you need baby steps. We are going to do Project 52 and we are going to do it together. After 52 weeks, you are going to have an amazing collection of images of your children.  Every week, I will help you out with some inspiration and motivation on what to capture. You can take as many photos as you want, but you must take at least 1!

I want to help you switch your focus. I want you to stop taking photos of your kids and start capturing the moments of life. Capture the moment your little one has pb&j all over the table, chair, and their face. Capture the moment they dumped eggs on the floor. Capture the moment they climbed up in your lap for one more snuggle before bed. These are the moments they want to remember. These are the moments you want to remember! Capture energy, capture chaos, and capture emotion.

If you are interested in joining our exclusive group and being part this process, drop your name and email below! Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll be sent the link to the group that will have all the information in it!   There is no specific time to start and to end, so you can join in whenever you sign up. Just jump in with the rest of us and start learning how to photograph your children in a new way.

I can’t wait to get to know all of you and see your beautiful babies!




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Well…it’s about time I blog a recent session, right? Oops! Life has been busy with babies, babies, babies! It has been fabulous! This little guy has kicked off my new (and improved) Brand Ambassador Program and he’s going to be a tough act to follow! He was so alert during his session, but the cuteness was shining bright the entire time! I have loved getting to know is mama and I hope she brings him back for his milestone session!! I know friends and family are so anxious to see his debut photos, so I’ll keep this short and sweet! Enjoy!
temple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographertemple texas newborn photographerAre you looking for a newborn photographer? Interested in joined the Brand Ambassador Program? Check out and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Looking for more of my work: Check out my Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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Temple Texas newborn photographer

This is the most exciting week of my life! I am BIRTHDAY CRAZY!

If you have been looking for a newborn photographer, this is the perfect time to say yes and lock it down! Every year, for my birthday, I give a discount according to my age! Thank goodness I won’t be working when I’m 100! 😉 HA! But seriously…the older I get, the bigger the discount is! WHY? Because I LOVE my birthday! This is the biggest discount I give all year long so it’s the perfect time to book a session and save the most! I’m also giving out an Early Bird discount for those who want to book a milestone or family mini session in March! Take a look below at all the details!

Pricing for Newborn Sessions: 

Collection 1: $695, NOW $472.60: it includes all of the digital images (35+) with print release, a 16×24 canvas, and a 5×5 gift album.

Collection 2: $555, NOW $377.40: it includes 15 digital images with print release and 3 11×14 mounted prints.

Collection 3: $400, NOW $272: it includes 5 digital images

Early Bird Discount for March Mini Sessions:

March 4th: Milestone Mini Sessions: $200 (reg. $250): Includes 10 digital images with print release! (8 spots available)

March 25th Family Mini Sessions: $250 (reg. $300): Includes 10 digital images with print release! (7 spots available)
  • These will possibly be Bluebonnet sessions if they are blooming!

What is the booking process? 

To lock in this deal you will need to fill out my contract and pay the $50 booking fee. The $50 booking fee is subtracted from the total price and saves the date/time for your session.

If booking a newborn or full milestone session, $150 is due prior to your session. This payment is also subtracted from the collection price. The balance for the collection chosen is due once the gallery is completed and you have decided what you wish to purchase!

(sales tax is not included in these numbers. Texas sales tax will be added on. 8.25%)

How do you contact me to book?

You can click on Contact Me and fill out my inquiry form! You can click on the words in the last sentence, or if you are on the computer hit the Contact Me button in the menu bar! If you’re mobile, keep scrolling to the bottom and click on the contact me button! You can also email me directly at  If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! This deal is valid through February 4th! See you soon!


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M-I-C…..K-E-Y……. M-O-U-S-E! Alright, admit it….you sang it as you read it right?! 🙂 First birthdays are one of the most fun milestones when you have babies! They are so full of energy and happiness. It’s pretty much impossible to not enjoy yourself while watching a one year old take their first bite of cake! While some little ones go slow and figure out what that sweet taste is, this little guy dove right in! It took him about two minutes to figure out that cake tasted good and he was hooked! Take a look at this sweet boy’s session!
temple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographertemple texas milestone photographer


Are you looking for a Temple Texas Milestone photographer? I would love to talk to you! You can click the contact me button and fill out the form or come check out more of my work on my Facebook page – Precious Stones Photography . <– click the name! Happy cake eating everyone!

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