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The relationship between a Mama and her kids is one of the most special bonds on earth. There are so many reasons to love the new Mommy and Me photo-shoot trend, and here are my top 4 reasons why you should absolutely do one!

      1. Mom in the spotlight

As moms, we spend so much time BEHIND the camera snapping adorable pictures of our kids, and because of that we forget to actually get in them, or have someone else take our picture with our kids. (Especially if you’re a family photographer! :P)  In a Mommy and Me session, it’s a special time for you as a mom to get in the pictures with your kids and capture moments you’ll always remember!

      2. Bonding with your kids

Staying busy seems to come along with the title of mom. I don’t know about you but my kids see me doing, doing, doing so much, most of the day, and not always being able to join the fun. A Mommy and Me session can give you the opportunity to slow down and just enjoy some precious time with your kiddos, and as a result, bond and connect with them in a special way. This type of photo shoot can be so much fun and something you and your kids will remember fondly for years to come!

      3. Fun themes or ideas

The possibilities here are endless! Do you and you kids have a favorite book/movie, or a beloved character you share in common? You can center your theme around something you all love. Or, like the beautiful mom and girls trio in the pictures below, you can choose matching outfits! I love the pattern this mom chose as the theme for their photo shoot. Check out all the adorableness in this Temple, Texas photo shoot!

      4. Capturing memories

Kids grow so fast, and we can never get these exact moments back. It’s such a gift for the whole family to have memories to look back on. The kids will love having pictures of their childhood, and remembering the time they spent with their mom, and you will swoon over remembering how small they were! We will never regret the moments we captured, only the ones we missed.

How sweet is this Mama and her girls!?

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