Project 365, Week 29 | Fort Hood, TX Family Photographer

Welcome back! I hope you guys had a great weekend while I was attempting to catch up with the blogging. It’s so fun to go back and look at the photos you took. This is the furthest I have gotten in project 365 and although I’ve missed a few days, I’ve still made them up. I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping it going this long. It also helps me remember what we were doing every day this year. I don’t know about you…but as a mom, my brain turns to mush more and more each day! 😉 I can’t imagine what my brain will be like when I’m actually old enough to have memory problems! haha! Well enjoy week 29 of project 365 and I hope you come back to check out the following weeks!

July 16: Puppy watching…IMG_5220-2

July 17: Entertaining a two year old while dining out needs to be creative. IMG_5222-2

July 18: Oh yes…we have entered the no diaper stage! IMG_5228-2

July 19: Sleepy puppy Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 20: Toddlers….enough saidProject 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 21: I love this kid. Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 22: Movie time! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer


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