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What is “Golden Hour”? It’s the time of day right after sunrise and before sunset, while the sun is low on the horizon. It’s not, as the name states, specifically an “hour” but can it be around that time frame. What are some of the reasons photographers love to to schedule sessions during golden hour? I’m so glad you asked. Here are some of my favorites as a Temple Texas family photographer!

Indirect sunlight

Unlike the sun when it is high in the sky and can cast harsh shadows on its subjects faces, the side angle during golden hour allows for the most flattering angle of light.  The lighting is also much softer, and as a result, helps to diffuse the brightness, and keeps things from getting washed out.

Warmer colors

As the sun gets lower in the sky, it scatters most of its blue light. This creates much warmer hues of color in reds,  oranges and yellows. This is fantastic for pictures because the warm tones are flattering on most people, and help make our complexions look better. Win!!

Create magic

There are so many beautiful and artistic ways to use the light during golden hour to create a bit of magic in your pictures. Sun stars, flares, halos, silhouettes, and particles suspended in the air (think dandelions glowing translucent in the light of dusk), are all gorgeous effects to turn an ordinary picture into something enchanting.

Check out this sweet family at golden hour!

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