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Welcome to 2016! New year, new project. If you have followed me at all last year, you know that I did project 365. Project 365 is where you take a photo every day of the year. It. was. hard! I admit, there were days that I didn’t take a photo and I made one up. But I finished the year with 365 photos. On December 31st, I felt very accomplished as this was the first time out of many attempts that I had finished the project. The biggest thing I learned from it was…..I didn’t want to do it again! No, really….it was fun…but when you have to move across country, your husband deploys, and you have four kids, it’s very time consuming. I found that my creativeness was slowly dying because I was more worried about just snapping a photo to get the day done rather than focusing on those good quality images! So because I loved doing a personal project, I decided to do Project 52 this year instead! I’m so excited to be able to slow down this year and work on my skills more. Technically I only have to get one image for the week, but we have decided to leave it open to as many or as little images for the week, as long as there is one. I’ll be doing this project with a wonderful group of ladies, most of which are in Hawaii…lucky ducks! So don’t forget to check out the end of each blog post for a link to one of their projects! Each lady will have a link to someone else’s project so you’ll have many blogs to check out on Fridays!

While we have no specific themes in our group, I have decided to take the first few weeks and introduce each one of my children to you. Since my youngest one is with me the most, I decided to showcase her first. So meet Deanna! Some days she is the sweetest little person. Other days, she’s a little tornado of emotions that I don’t think even my tween can compete with. She is an entertainer. She is “the boss” to all her older sisters and she thinks she’s the boss of me. She’s a princess on some days and a puppy on other days. She loves “pretties” (dresses and bows) with her polka-dotted rubber boots. She loves to ride her tractors and cars and watch Thomas while wearing play high heel shoes and wearing a crown. The kid is definitely one of a kind. We love our little DQ and her crazy personality. Project 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family Photographer

Check out Candice’s first week of Project 52 in Hawaii here! You can also check out one of my good friend’s in Maryland…click here to check out Damara’s week.

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