Week 32, Project 52 | Temple Texas Family Photographer

3 more day! 3 more days! Is anyone else chanting with me?! 😉 This week we went to my husband’s unit family day. All I have to say about that was It. Was. Hot! Ridiculously hot! As you can see from the photos of my crazy children below.  I make it a point to stay inside as much as possible during a Texas summer. But I had to participate and suck it up…..I’m totally going to complain about it though. ha! But we made it through the day and the girls had fun getting out of the back yard for a little while. I even got to hand out a few business cards. You know that’s always a good thing. I hope all of you are enjoying this last week of summer break! Or at least trying to with all the rain we’ve been having. One more week left and then you’ll all start seeing back to school photos! YES! I know I am excited…hopefully you are too!
Temple Texas Family PhotographerTemple Texas Family PhotographerThanks for following along with me for week 32 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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