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I love photographing young kids! Their expressions and emotions are so genuine and full of character. If they aren’t feeling you, they aren’t faking it! If you become their buddy, they can be animated and silly from the bottom of their hearts.

They can be rambunctious too! It’s no secret that toddlers and young kids can be hard to capture on camera at times.  There are a few ways to help work through this! Having a toy to distract and be playful with can loosen up the mood and make it more fun for them. Another great approach is to sit them on a chair to keep them in one place. Or, if that’s not an option, capture their genuine and candid actions and expressions as they play naturally. And lastly, sometimes bribing is a photographers best friend (If it’s okay with the parents)! Having smarties on hand to dole out, can make any kid smile.

This was such a fun photo session with this Mama and her boys! (and isn’t her dress just lovely?!) Her sweet boys were such wonderful little subjects, and this location in Temple Texas was the perfect spot.  Lush green grass and a canopy of trees make for a gorgeous backdrop!

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