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Is there anything better than watching a baby eat cake by the fistfuls for the first time? I mean, let’s be real. So adorable. The pure sugary joy and delight is infectious, and definitely worth capturing in pictures.

Here are some of my best tips for a great first birthday and cake smash photo session!


The theme can be almost anything… a favorite character or book, a color scheme, or even a specific object. In the session below, this mama chose to center the theme around cactus. So fun! Another great option is a special outfit for a portion of the pictures (pre-cake! it’s gets messy) The theme doesn’t have to be complicated. The real shining star is the precious baby in the pictures!

Keep it simple

You don’t need much for your baby’s cake smash and first birthday session. Some balloons, banners, bunting, and cute outfits are enough to make it a success. Props, such stools and wooden crates are also great to include. As a Troy Texas family photographer, I have some props on hand, in studio! Feel free to ask and we can work out which might work for you.

Plan to get messy

This goes without saying, but plan for a mess! You may not want your baby’s cutest outfit to get stained and dirty, so often baby bloomers over the diaper is a wonderful option. If you have a boy, you can pair it with a tie/bow-tie for a dapper and charming addition! For girls, think tutus and pearls! Also noteworthy – you may want to wear something you don’t mind getting messy as well. That cake really has a way of getting in all sorts of places!!

The most important tip is to let your baby have fun and let their curiosity run wild!

Check out this adorable little guy and his first birthday/cake smash session! He sure enjoyed that cake!

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