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Why go with a themed photo session?

Themed sessions can be a really great way to make your pictures unique and memorable. They can highlight a special fondness you have for a particular book, movie, character, hobby, or interest. And they’re just so much fun to plan and execute! Not to mention your child will love to look back through the pictures later on!

Planning the Theme

Planning a theme for your baby’s photo session doesn’t have to be hard or complicated! You don’t need to spend a lot of money here either. Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’ll only need a few pieces to bring it all together. You may even already have some of the items you’ll need (like the books used in the adorable Harry Potter session below)!


If you can think of it, it’s probably already out there somewhere. You can usually find outfits to purchase online, from others fans of your chosen theme. Alternatively, sometimes all you need is to match the outfit by the colors of the pieces you choose. Colored and pattern pieces can often be easier and less expensive to find than pre-made costumes/outfits.


Imagination can go a long way to bring your idea to life. Again, you may have some of items you need already. (Check out the bowl this family used for the Harry Potter pensieve) If you’re looking for more pieces, thrift stores can be a great place to find random and unique pieces on the cheap (Goodwill treasure hunting!). Online niche stores can be great option too (hello amazon prime!)

This Harry Potter milestone session in Belton Texas came out fantastically! Their baby was the perfect little model, and the family’s love for the book series and character shone through! Check out this cutie!

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