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When is the best time to have your newborn photography session done? Most commonly, it’s best to have pictures of your adorable new bundle done within the first 14 days after birth. However, it’s still possible to capture great pictures later than that. Momming is hard work, and it’s easy to let time slip away before scheduling your session.

So, why within the first 14 days?

Early newborns sleep better!

The younger the baby, the more they sleep. It’s much easier to move and pose a sleepy baby, and as a result get all those swoon worthy shots. (Tip: keeping your baby awake prior to the session, and feeding just before the session begins can help induce sleepiness!)

Newborns love to curl up.

Just after birth, newborns continue to curl up in the fetal position, because it’s what they are used to, growing in your belly. As they get older, they lose this inclination and begin to have more control over their arms and legs, and as a result, start moving and kicking more! Curling a little newborn into a ball for pictures is more manageable when they naturally want to be in that position.

They are easier to wrap and pose.

As I said above, younger babies are less likely to wake when being wrapped and posed. Swaddling your baby tightly in those texture rich fabrics not only looks beautiful, but it also helps keep the little cutie asleep, because it mimics the comfort they felt in the womb. It’s much easier to wrap an early newborn and pose them for pictures. Swaddling also helps keep the startle reflex at bay, while we’re posing your baby!

This little guy is a great example! He was a champ during this Austin Texas session, and I loved working with him and his family!

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