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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! Ok, so who knows that ridiculous reference? I still find it funny that as awful of a song it was, it has stuck in my head. Isn’t that the way it usually works though? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just google Rebecca Black. But please, if you do…no hate mail after! 😉 Anyway….let’s move on to this week’s project 52! We are in week 9! This year is just moving right along…kind of like every year. The only difference about this year is we are outside playing in February and March. Texas does have it’s advantages….when I’m not missing the snow. We’ve been having a bunch of warmer cloudy, days here in Texas, which is a great when you want to photograph your toddler in the middle of the day. This specific day was Leap Day, so what a great day to feature in this week’s blog post. It only happens once every four years so it will be harder to remember what you were doing on this day when it rolls around again! Especially since I’ll be 4 years older and my memory is already starting to go! That’s the best part about being a photographer.

I hope you enjoy my crazy little and her time with her “popcicle” (which is really just a frozen go-gurt) and her wagon. Enjoy your Friday everyone! temple-texas-photographertemple-texas-photographertemple-texas-photographertemple-texas-photographertemple-texas-photographer

Thanks for following along with me for week 9 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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