Project 365. Week 20 | Fort Hood, TX Family Photographer

Week 20 of Project 365….it’s hard to believe we are close to being half way through the year already. I feel like I’m going to be behind in my blogging until we get into our new house and find a normal routine again. Moving is so overwhelming, especially when you are moving across country. But no matter what, I’m still picking up that camera! 🙂 So let’s get down to how this week went…

May 14: My oldest had her last choir concert at her school here. In the last 3 years, she’s grown up so much!
Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 15: Another one of her talents that she found in Maryland. She’s such a great gymnast! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 16: One of my littles went to a birthday party for her BFF and she introduced me to a few of her school friends. 🙂 Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 17: We got a new “toy” for our home gym….the girls had to try it out. haha! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 18: Poor dog…he doesn’t know what to do with all the crazy in the house. Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 19: Normally photos like this get tossed, but I felt that the blur really told how my day went….moving has completely clouded my head! Is it over yet?? Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

May 20: My brother and sister in law are living in Italy right now….she sent me noodles…..delicious! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

Thanks for checking out my week. This week we are adding a new 365 blogger to our little group, Welcome Amie with Amie Brady Photography all the way in Tacoma, Washington!! Follow her project here! Don’t forget to check out Sharleen in Hawaii here! I love that we are staying connected through our photography and Facebook. It’s great to have photographer friends and it’s even better to see what they are doing in different parts of the world. Until next week!

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