Project 365, Week 24 | Fort Hood, TX Family Photographer

Hello fellow followers….are there any still out there? I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated everyone. I’m currently hanging out in College Station, Texas while we wait for our new house to close! (You’ll see a photo in a later post!) This week was the last full week we had in Maryland and my 5 year old finished up her Pre-K year. I can’t believe she is officially in Kindergarten! My baby also had her birthday this week. They all need to stop growing up!

Well enough of my rambling, take a look at this week’s photos and enjoy!

June 11: “Throwback Thursday” Same outfit as the first day of school…except new pants because she actually grew this year! Project 365 Fort Hood Texas Family Photographer

June 12: Her official last day of Pre-K! She’s a Kindergartner now! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

June 13: I love how she can play anywhere!
Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

June 14: Tired babyProject 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

June 15: We had a huge living room and that’s where they all were!Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

June 16: My baby is 2! Happy Birthday baby girl! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

June 17: Last photo from my Maryland kitchen…and it looks like a tornado went through it! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer


Thanks for stopping by and checking out this week of project 365! Don’t forget to take a look at Sharleen’s project here! She has some fabulous photos from Hawaii up!

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