Project 365, Week 27 | Fort Hood, TX Family Photographer

Welcome back! I’ve been writing out my blogs for the past couple hours trying to get myself caught up again! I’m finally there! We are getting closer and closer to closing on our house every day now and I have to say, I’m pretty impatient about it. I cant wait to see my other girls too, who are having a blast in Ohio with family this summer. But for now, we’ll just chill out with our littlest one and wait. 🙂 I’m sure the next 2 weeks will go faster than I think and then there will be boxes in the photos again…only this time we’ll be moving in!

I have to say….I actually like this part of Texas. It’s not something that I thought I would say…but it’s true! It’s definitely prettier to look at than west Texas! Well have fun checking out this week’s photos!

July 2: Getting a little pool time in! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 3: Found a playground to drain some energy….so we thought. Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 4: We celebrated the 4th with bubbles! Project 365 | Fort Hood Family Photographer

July 5: We call him the entertainer. 😉 IMG_5090-2

July 6: Sample shopping for our house! IMG_5093-2

July 7: This is my dog’s daughter, Marley. She did not appreciate me taking a photo of her. IMG_5114-2

July 8: This is how I can get her to sit still for maybe 2 minutes. IMG_5120-2

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my week. Take a look at Sharleen’s work here.

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