Project 365, Week 6

Welcome back readers! I can’t believe that it is week 6 of project 365 already! February is flying by as fast as January did. Before I know it, it’s going to be spring, which may not be a bad thing. I do love my winters, but I’m a firm believer that if it is going to be cold…it better snow! We have had no “good” snow here at all this winter so it’s a little sad. This week I received my new macro lens in the mail! I absolutely love it! As you scroll down, you’ll see that most of my images were taken with my macro lens. I hope as the days go on and the weather gets warmer, I can break out into more outdoor photos. So hang in there…pretty flowers are coming!

January 5: “Bed time” This was my first image with my new macro. No, he’s not a lion! 😉

Project 365

February 6: “Up Close” I love this photo so much! It’s not often that I get her to sit still long enough for me to take a good photo!

Project 365

February 7: “Date Night” Since my birthday fell on a weekday, we finally got to go out without children! This food was delicious!Project 365


February 8: “Fruit” Another macro shot…I’ll be honest, I was being lazy on this day and my kids left out a bowl of grapes. ha!

Project 365


February 9: “Breaking Rules” I know there are so many things off about this images but sometimes it’s fun just to be creative.

Project 365


February 10: “Me Friends” Ok so again, not the best photo….but this lady right here is one of my most wonderful friends! Both of us have upcoming moves to different time zones…have to get in our laughs while we are still in the same time zone! 😉

Project 365


February 11: “Busted” She’s way too observant! I an’t get any photo of her without her catching me in the act.

Project 365


So there it is, week 6 of Project 365! Don’t forget to check out Sharleen’s week HERE! And as always, check out my business work on my facebook page, here. Have a wonderful week.


PS….if you want to start from the beginning of the year, check out my precious weeks here!


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