Project 365, Week 5

Hello again! Welcome to week 5 of Project 365! I’m so happy that I’m still documenting my days with my little family. This week was a bit crazy with some news we received about our future on top of me having a pretty big birthday! (You’ll find out what that news is as you scroll down!) 🙂 Other than that, not much happened this week. It’s still cold out, so photo are still being done inside…but the sun is starting to stay up longer so I see outdoor photos coming soon! Enjoy this week’s photos!

January 29: “Treat Night” We don’t eat out often and it’s rarely fast food so my kids were excited when I brought home Arby’s! Project 365

January 30: “Move Night” When you have a bunch of kids, it can get expensive going out to a theater so we have developed a tradition of movie night every weekend, even if it’s a movie we’ve seen before. Project 365

January 31st: “Time to Eat!” I know I said in the first photo we rarely go out…this just happened to be a fluke that we ate out twice in one week…but she was loving those french fries! Project 365

February 1: This is what our dogs thought about the Super Bowl…I would have to agree with them. Project 365

February 2: Say Cheese Monday!! This kid is crazy! Project 365

February 3: “Sunrise” We found out this week we will be moving to Texas this summer. You can’t tell by the photo, but it was FREEZING outside and my oldest wanted to just wear a sweatshirt to school. I pretty sure she is the only happy person in the family about moving to Texas again. Project 365

February 4: “Birthday” So today was special…because I turned 30. Finding out we are moving to Texas and turning 30 all in the same week…you better believe I let this little one make me cupcakes! *sigh* I’m sure both will grow on me as the days go on. 😉 Project 365


So there you have it, Project 365, week 5! If you would like to check out previous weeks, please click HERE! Also don’t forget about Sharleen’s week…HERE. Have a wonderful day!


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