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Wow. This week was so crazy. Murphy had left for a while, but he decided to come back and apparently held a grudge for me kicking him out weeks ago. My youngest ended up with cellulitis in her leg. Then two days of being on meds, I thought she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine so I rushed her to the doctor’s office. Then she started breaking out in a rash all over her face! Well she ended up getting a case of hand, foot, and mouth and for one time only…..decided she would share it with ALL of her sisters! I spent the last week playing nurse to four girls. I am surprised I didn’t end up with it. But thankfully I only got a case of extreme exhaustion! Is this deployment over yet?? 😉 I am happy to say that all children are better and things are starting to get back to normal around here. Despite all the sickness and crazy, they all kept a pretty good attitude.

Since I didn’t get a chance to do grocery shopping until yesterday, I felt bad about breakfast so we went and got donuts yesterday morning. I figured they would be happy and I would have a chance to use my camera! (Because no one wants to see sick photos) I was also able to capture my soon-to-be 3 year old’s amazing style. She has started the phase of wanting to dress herself…no matter what! Do you have kids in this phase? 🙂 They can come up with some crazy outfits! Scroll down and check it out for yourself!
Temple Texas Family PhotographerTemple Texas Family PhotographerTemple Texas Family PhotographerTemple Texas Family PhotographerTemple Texas Family Photographer

Thanks for following along with me for week 15 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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Happy Friday y’all!

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