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Hey everyone! I’ve been working on this post for a couple months now and I finally have it all together! So, it will be a little different than my normal Project 52 post! When we bought our house last year, it was like moving into a white canvas! Everything was white, everything was NOT my style. The whole time my husband was gone, I worked with a local company, Sandpaper and Pearls…to create decor that matched all the stuff I had in my head! Keep scrolling to the bottom and you’ll find the link to Sandpaper and Pearl’s Facebook page! My father in law also helped me out with our bedroom and making us a new bed! I am so happy with the end results of my house! So take a look at the before and after photos!

Before: 2016-07-14_00012016-07-14_00022016-07-14_00032016-07-14_0004


Sorry the before photos are so crappy! We got them off the Realtor site because unlike every other house we looked at, this was the only house I didn’t snap a million photos! But you get the idea of what it looked like before! Now….this is what we have done to it!


Temple Texas Family Photographer2016-07-14_00052016-07-14_00062016-07-14_00072016-07-14_0008Sandpaper and Pearls Temple TexasTemple Texas Family Photographer2016-07-14_0010


Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed completely redecorating my house! We haven’t made it to the kitchen yet, but that is on the list to do in the near future! When we do, I’ll definitely update the blog to include more photos!

Thanks for following along with me for week 29 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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