Week 30, Project 52 | Temple Texas Family Photographer

Does anyone else feel like summer makes their life completely crazy? I have everything together from September to May, but when school lets out…nope. Everything falls apart. We have no schedules anymore. That means my work schedule too! So once again, I am behind. I feel like I might as well just accept the fact that I will never have a schedule again over the summer. At least not while I have kids at home. 😀 It is what it is, right?? I’ll be honest too…I’m struggling with keeping up on the photos with this project. But I’m going to blame that on summer too. For this week, you all get one. But it’s a pretty good one! My girls had a Jenga tournament this week and the one with the wide eyes remained the champ. Her older sister hasn’t given up yet though!
Temple Texas Family Photographer


Thanks for following along with me for week 30 of Project 52! Head on over to Sam’s week here: Willful Soul Images

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