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Good morning Texas!! (and everyone else all over the world) Photog Monday is BACK! I’ve started a nice little list of fantastic photographers to introduce you all too and you never know….one could be in your area! You’ll definitely want to keep checking the blog on Monday to see who’s next.

Everyone, meet Damara! This girl is one of my BFFs! She first contacted me about 2 years ago and asked me a million photography questions. Man, she was annoying! I kid, I kid!!! I absolutely love mentoring people. I have loved helping her grow into the wonderful photographer that she is today. Not only is she a great photographer, but she’s a fellow military spouse and a mama of two. Her family will be making a move to Virginia Beach this year! I know I have some followers over that way….make sure you go to her Facebook page and follow her!

Temple Texas Family Photographer Photog Monday

Photo Credit: Precious Stones Photography (ME!)

Let’s see what Damara has to say about her photography journey:

When did you first start your photography business?

  • In 2009, I received my first ‘nice’ camera. However, I actually started to really grow my business the beginning of 2015. This is when I became serious in setting up a real career. I took classes and found a mentor. Definitely one of my best decisions.

What is your specialty?

  • Family and babies! I love being able to capture the love of a family

What do you shoot with and what’s your favorite lens?

  • I currently shoot with a Nikon D700. Right now, my favorite lens is the Sigma Art 35mm. It is a work horse and can do so much! It really produces such great images.

What has been your biggest challenge?

  • My biggest challenge thus far has been getting my heart broken. I know this seems odd, but it is completely true! I invest so much of myself in to my photography, that if someone is not as excited as I am, I tend to take it very hard.

Tell me about your favorite session?

  • Besides the cake smash sessions (because I love them all!) I am over the moon excited about shooting a birth. There is just so much that goes with a birth session. It is a challenge because you only have that one shot to get it done. And then the amazement at what you are getting to witness. A birth truly is a miracle!

Do you have any advice for new photographers?

  • Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. Even the best photographers are learning and growing each day. There are days when I am jumping up and down about a session I did. And then the next week I see where I can improve and find myself frustrated that I missed something so simple. Being a photographer is definitely a journey, and it is the most fulfilling.

Check out some of Damara’s fabulous work:

Temple Texas Family Photographer Photog MondayTemple Texas Family Photographer Photog MondayVA Beach Newborn Photographer Photog MondayVA Beach Newborn Photographer Photog MondayVA Beach Family Photography Photog MondayTemple Texas Family Photographer Photog MondayTemple Texas Family Photographer Photog Monday

Are you interested in following her on Facebook? Please visit her at www.facebook.com/damaralaraye

You can also get more information about her on her wesbite at www.damaralarayephotography.com

If you are interested in being featured on Photog Monday, please email Jamie at preciousstonesphotography@gmail.com, I would to hear from you!

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