Week 7, Project 52 | Temple Tx Family Photographer

This week has been a rough week for me. Technology has decided that I am no longer acceptable and nothing will work for me. Ever. Ok, so maybe that was a bit dramatic. But let’s face it, when one goes, it all does! After having my brand new computer for less than two months, it is now back in the hands of technicians who are trying to figure out why it hates me so much. So for the time being, I am back on my old laptop…..who, bless its heart, just can’t hang half the time. Thankfully it is holding together long enough for me to schedule a few posts for the week. 🙂

We are officially over the hump of this deployment, and we are all ready for the man of the house to come home. I definitely have this all under control…most of the time…but I’m never going to say no to having the other half here. Every day, I just keep chanting in my head, **I think I can, I think I can.** One more day done, one more day closer to being a complete family again. 🙂 Other than that, there isn’t much news over here. The littlest one always keeps me entertained and on my toes. While my first photo looks oh so cute and uneventful, soon after the photo was taken, she took a nose dive off the chair and is proudly displaying her battle scar. The second photo….well it speaks for itself….she’s a little crazy, and somehow thought the baby was cute. Me? I find it just a little creepy! Scroll down and take a look for yourself! I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend and I hope you come back next Friday too see next week’s shenanigans.
project 52 Temple Texas Family Photographerproject 52 Temple Texas Family Photographer

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