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Throw kids into the mix of anything and things get interesting, can I get an amen? They are silly, unpredictable, and full of fun and mischief! As a Belton Texas family photographer, I can roll with the punches, and help get those frame worthy pictures you’ll love. There are way you can help too! Here are some of my best tips for an amazing family photo session.

Location and time

Golden hour under the trees is gorgeous! There really is nothing like the beauty of the outdoors and the natural light it provides. If this is the aesthetic you want, scheduling within an hour or so before sunset is key to getting that glow. If however, you know from experience that time frame is when your kids get a little squirrelly (totally normal), modifying the time to earlier in the day might be a good idea. A studio session is another great option, and can result in beautiful pictures as well!

Get the kids (and dad) excited!

Prepare your family by talking about the session. Tell them how much fun it’s going to be. Have them help you pick the outfits (give them this or that options…unless Spider-man costumes are what you’re going for :P).  If it’s already in their minds as a fun positive experience, they’ll go into it excited and ready.

Everyone rested and fed

Being hungry and tired can bring out the worst in anyone (see also: hangry). Coming into the session with rested bodies and full bellies will help to naturally bring out more smiles and fun. Bringing along snacks and drinks for the kids is also a great idea. Expect they may need quick breaks to regroup their little selves. Dressing appropriately for the weather is also important! It’s hard to smile and be happy and in the moment if they’re too hot or cold.


It’s okay if the kids don’t sit and pose perfectly. And don’t worry if they’re aren’t smiling or looking at the camera… leave the smiles to me! Some of the best pictures are captured in the moments of their pure and authentic expressions. Posed pictures are beautiful…and so are the ones where little personalities shine through!

Take a look at this gorgeous family and their outdoor family session! I loved every minute of this one!

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