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This week for Project 52, I am introducing my second baby, Aubrie. Sometimes I can’t believe that she is already 9 years old. It just doesn’t seem possible that the little baby who kept me up every night, all night long is hitting double digits this year! What does she love? Food! This kid is addicted to food…but as you can see, she never gains a pound. Women are going to envy her later in her life for her metabolism. Where ever we go, she needs a snack. She’s hungry…even though she just ate 5 minutes ago. We used to call her Rolly from 101 Dalmatians when she was a toddler because she would always say, “I’m hungry mommy.” If you don’t know the reference, go watch some Disney! 😉 This week, while my mom was visiting, we decided to go bowling. I have to say, this was a good week to feature her because she got her 1st strike and I got it on camera! Unfortunately, I was focusing on the pins for that round…but we’ll call it an artistic photo. You can still see the pure joy as she jumped up and down in celebration for knocking down all those pins. Being the “middle” child and having an older sister who is always doing things better than her can be frustrating, so we do our best to celebrate all of her accomplishments….even if it is just bowling.

Thanks for stopping by to check out week 3 and I hope you come back next week to meet my oldest! Project 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family Photographer

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