Week 5, Project 52 | Temple Tx Family Photographer

Good morning everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable week. I really didn’t have a theme for my project 52 this week. Thankfully the youngest two kids decided to give me a few good shots! On the personal side of things, we’re still counting down the days until the other half comes home. I also celebrated my birthday yesterday….the cupcakes were delicious! On the business side, I’ve been selling off my lenses and props trying to downsize a little bit. I have also been working on getting that glorious 35mm lens. I’m so close! I’m guessing it will be a late birthday present! Other than that, it’s been a pretty slow week. So I’ll end the chit chat and let you all look at this week’s photo. Enjoy your weekend!

Project 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family PhotographerProject 52 Temple Tx Family Photographer

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